My name is Trey Goff, and I'm a recent graduate of Mississippi State University, where I obtained a bachelor's degree in Economics and Political Science. I am an Alumni of the Charles Koch Institute's Summer Fellows program, as well as the author of the Liberty Constitution, and have been published at the Foundation for Economic Education as well as the Mises Institute. I was heavily involved in the student liberty movement throughout college, and am now a leading voice in the free societies movement. I am currently actively involved in a variety of ongoing free society projects and in Mississippi politics generally. 

I'm avidly interested in a variety of disparate topics, but my objectives are simple: to become the ultimate modern man by achieving maximal human performance in every facet of life, from the neurological, to the intellectual, to the physical and beyond. This website exists to facilitate that process in both myself and others by stimulating intellectual discussion and learning between myself and all who visit this page.

Please, don't hesitate to contact me at any of my social media profiles or via email at trey.goff@gmail.com